[pct-l] Keeping Murphy's Law at bay

Douglas Tow douglastow at gmail.com
Thu May 7 14:56:47 CDT 2015

"Anything that can go wrong, will" is wrong.  It's "anything beyond your
control can happen."

So much can be done to increase the odds that your hike will meet your
objectives.  Most aren't costly, don't take away from the enjoyment of the
trail, and are just common sense.

1.  Carry extra water capacity.  1-2 liter Platypus bottles are
feather-light, and take up no room when empty.
2.  Stay on the trail when you can see it.  Be absolutely sure where it is
when you cannot.
3.  Don't hike in the dark.  Seriously, there are many places where you can
go keister-over-teakettle if you can't see well.  Happens every year.
4.  Know your limits before you go.  I say this too often in this forum,
but if you don't know if you can walk 10 miles with 35 pounds on your back,
and stay out for a week without resupply, it's not yet time to go.
5.  Weather-and-cold-related misery drives many off the trail.  Take gear
and shelter that has proven (before you go) that it works for you.
6.  Being a weekend backpack warrior isn't proof that you are ready.  If
you don't know why that's true, you're not ready.
7.  They don't call them the 10 essentials for nothing.


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