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Subject: [pct-l]  Rejoining PCT at Interstate 15 or Wrightwood?
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And..another way to get to the PCT to Mc Donald's at Hwy 138 . If  you 
don't want to rent a car.  Take link from LAX, or train  from Bob Hope Burbank 
Airport to downtown Union Station. Then  take the Amtrak to San Bernardino.  
Nineteen miles by taxi. 
May nature be on your side, Joe. 
Hal "Green Hornet" Margolis

I am looking to rejoin the PCT at either Interstate  15/Route 138 at Cajon 
Pass (Mile 342) or Wrightwood (Mile 363 or  369). 

Burbank to Palmdale cost of $12.50 to taxi quote to compare total cost of  
each option)...

If renting car from Enterprise, drive to Hesperia  Enterprise location; 
have Enterprise drop you off at Baldy Mesa Rd/Phelan Rd -  a
gas station/convenience store that is just under 8 miles from their  
Hesperia location, within their 10 mile limit!) - it is also a stop on
the  VVTA #21 route; take VVTA #21 to Phelan, then #20 to Wrightwood...
If not  renting a car, take free shuttle from airport to Downtown Burbank 
Metrolink  station; take Metrolink Antelope Valley Line to
Palmdale station; take taxi  from Palmdale to Phelan; take VVTA #20 from 
Phelan to Wrightwood...

If  you really, really want to get to Cajon, I would still suggest going to 
 Wrightwood first (unless additional postings get you a ride) and
stop in at  Mountain Hardware - they keep a list of local trail angels; 
call TAs until you  can arrange a ride down to Cajon...
...or Google "taxi Hesperia, CA" to get  from the Enterprise office to 
Cajon (Cajon is beyond their 10 mile limit and  they refused to go
that far last year!).

Hope that helps somehow,  Joe!  Happy trails!!!
Jim  (PITA)


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