[pct-l] Water and snow status Northern CA from Sierra city to Johnsville Mc Rea rd (1228)

Ned Tibbits ned at mountaineducation.org
Fri May 8 12:01:31 CDT 2015

As I look out my office window from Reno, I don't see any snow on the east 
side of the sierra crest north of Donner, however that is not where the 
residual snow would be, anyway; it would be in the trees on the north sides 
of mountains and ridges.

Has anyone been up there recently? I've been in the southern sierra up to 
Cottonwood Pass, so I can't speak to Moshe's concerns....

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"To minimize wilderness accidents, injury, and illness in order to maximize 
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education and risk awareness training."
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Johnsville Mc Rea rd (1228)

I am planning a few days of hiking in two weeks from Sierra city to mile 
1228Is there still snow on this section? Water sources 
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