[pct-l] Evening Outdoor Fireside Chats on Basic Backpacking

Ned Tibbits ned at mountaineducation.org
Fri May 8 14:21:42 CDT 2015

Mountain Education is going to be offering a new line up of basic backpacking instruction revolving around evening, outdoor “Fireside Chats” in the Reno, Nevada area.

The evening discussions may be free (negotiations pending) and held every Tuesday and Thursday nights and cover all the very basics like:

Why go hiking?
The benefits of spending time in wilderness.
Gear, clothing, and food.
How to pitch a tent.
Why is shelter important, anyway?
Can you drink the water?
Are campfires safe and legal? 
What’s a Permit?
Basic wilderness navigation, especially when lost.
How to stay found.

The potential for opening up wildness to people who have never been there, but want to discover it, is endless and will lead to safer, more fun explorations by people who are a bit unsure at the start!

I know it is a local thing, but we have a great International Airport and these Fireside Chats will lead to weekend “trial-run” overnights, too!


Ned Tibbits, Director
Mountain Education, Inc.
ned at mountaineducation.org 

"To minimize wilderness accidents, injury, and illness in order to maximize wilderness enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, all through experiential education and risk awareness training."

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