[pct-l] Golden oak spring

Paint YW paintyourwagonhikes at gmail.com
Sun May 10 16:42:41 CDT 2015

A few points about Golden Oak Spring-

In the past,
and later in the hiking season (2012 & 2014,)
cattle had left their calling cards inside the trough,
and everywhere else outside the trough.

That the trough water is currently being reported as relatively clean and
filterable is a bit of a surprise,
but a good one.

Thanks be to the repair crews for fixing the damaged piping...
likely trampled by cattle in 2014,
in a futile effort to gain access to water.

Kudos to the crews as well for patching the leaks in the trough.

If the spring runs low,
water will stop flowing out the pipe that feeds the trough.
The reason being is that the source for the piped water is a vertically
installed piece of corrugated ditch culvert pipe (the spring box,)
of approximately 4 feet in length (depth) buried in the ground to the west
and on the other side of the barbed wire fence,
which has to practically fill with ground/spring water to work,
because- the pipe exits the culvert near the top,
as opposed to near the bottom.

I found the trough severely contaminated with cattle feces,
the pipe destroyed and water-less,
the culvert nearly empty (10" inches of oily insect riddled standing
and a small bowl like depression carved into the side of the embankment
filled with a continuous trickle,
which was "the" source in 2014.

Were the small "bowl" of water to have been absent, I would have gladly
used the culvert water.

Best regards,


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