[pct-l] alternative to endangered frog detour

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I did the road walk and it was really not that bad, at least on a weekday. There was very little traffic, although I am told it picks up a lot on the weekend. There were few places with no shoulder and that was often solved by crossing the road.  Additionally,  I found that many hikers continued the road another couple miles, to Cloudburst Summit, to skip 6 miles of detour/trail.

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Hi, Folks-

Been messing with an itinerary for CA sec D. I've decided not to use the
official 20-mile detour due to it's extreme length, non-crest nature, and
tales of its poor condition. Neither am I too stoked about the
possibly-hazardous road walk from Eagles Roost to Buckhorn.

Perusing the maps and Google Earth, I think I may have found an alternative
which meets all my needs, but I want to know if anyone has tried it and get
some feedback.

I'm thinking of just following the crest of Kratka Ridge, south of the
highway. It leads through what looks like hikeable country along the ridge
to a gap just SE of the entrance to Buckhorn CG, where I'd rejoin the trail.

Shorter than the current detour, and avoids speeding cars with no shoulder.
The only thing I can think of that might be a sticking point would be
private land issues, but I don't have access to a map that would tell me

Previous experience/opinions welcome, please!

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