[pct-l] PCT Prep

veronikaloebach veronikaloebach at ymail.com
Sun May 17 16:42:44 CDT 2015

Hello all. I have some beyond newbie questions. I am 22, born and raised in LA...always known city life. Im extremely lanky. Somewhat atheletic but definitely not as athletic as a 2650 mi hike....my question is...what can I possibly do to prepare and what will best help get me through it? It is my life dream to complete the pct even though ive never been on a hike more than 8miles. What do I need to know? Anything and everything will help. I have been reading everything online but every thing is regarding full grown men. Which I am not. Also...I notice the norm for weight being carried is no more than 20lbs at a time...is that number common for just men or women as well? Also...does that include water and food? Carrying 20 lbs (about 10 liters) of water alone is definitely going to put me at some major set backs when I do eventually start my journey. 

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