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I think there can be some confusion when people state their base weight. That weight is without food or water. Add about 11/2 #s per day for food plus the weight of water between water sources. 
Just put weight on your back -walk up and down the streets. Gradually add weight and lengthen the distance. Even in LA you can find hills. If you are close to the Santa Monica mtns,they  are perfect. There's nothing on the PCT that is steeper. You can do a shake down backpack on the Backbone Trail. As you get ready you could start at Will Rogers with 6 days of food ( in the fall or winter) hike to Pt Mugu turn around and hike back. You will have done 130 miles. It's possible if you mis calculate your food needs to Resupply at Toganga. I've backpacked that trail in the winter and had plenty of water. I also was able to stealth camp. If you do not make a fire or use a stove except in the established campground, I think it is a great training hike. That daily mileage will get you Canada. There are also groups that go out every Sat and during the week that you can join if you want company for your training.  Check out the Sierra club hikes. There are three established campgrounds on the trail but unfortunately they are not spaced well for a thruhiker. 
Have a great hike

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> Hello all. I have some beyond newbie questions. I am 22, born and raised in LA...always known city life. Im extremely lanky. Somewhat atheletic but definitely not as athletic as a 2650 mi hike....my question is...what can I possibly do to prepare and what will best help get me through it? It is my life dream to complete the pct even though ive never been on a hike more than 8miles. What do I need to know? Anything and everything will help. I have been reading everything online but every thing is regarding full grown men. Which I am not. Also...I notice the norm for weight being carried is no more than 20lbs at a time...is that number common for just men or women as well? Also...does that include water and food? Carrying 20 lbs (about 10 liters) of water alone is definitely going to put me at some major set backs when I do eventually start my journey. 
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