[pct-l] Don't be a fool...

Weathercarrot - weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Tue May 19 10:24:40 CDT 2015

Barry writes:

<< If you skip the 3 to 4 extra miles (versus the old route) new section of PCT and the new bridge over the Suiattle, you'll be missing out on what I'd consider one of the best pieces of scenery the PCT has to offer, bar none.  It's what I'd refer to as "The Grove of the Giants".  There are multiple enormous cedar and firs that you hike amongst - we're talking so massive* that 3' diameter trees look like saplings by way of comparison.  These trees are easily 8 to 10 feet in diameter.  The magnitude of these trees are such that it's hard to appreciate unless you stand back a couple hundred feet with a person at the base of one for reference.  Seen in this relation, the scope becomes apparent.>>

Here is a photo of one of those tress - one of the biggest on that stretch of trail. Unfortunately, the right half is in shadow, and I didn't have the benefit of someone else to stand next to it for scale. Keep in mind that the trail itself is unusually wide there, so that further distorts the sense of scale.


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