[pct-l] PCT Prep

gary_schenk at verizon.net gary_schenk at verizon.net
Tue May 19 17:51:21 CDT 2015

 On 05/18/15, veronikaloebach wrote:

Hello all. I have some beyond newbie questions. I am 22, born and raised in LA...always known city life. Im extremely lanky. Somewhat atheletic but definitely not as athletic as a 2650 mi hike....my question is...what can I possibly do to prepare and what will best help get me through it?

Hike. And after that, hike some more. LA is surrounded by mountains, take advantage of them. You can hike year round in Los Angeles.

If you don't know where to start, look up the Hundred Peaks Section of the Sierra Club. They lead many hikes every week, you'll get plenty of miles and lots of elevation gain. Hike with them for a year and you'll realize just how easy the PCT really is.


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