[pct-l] Tent Selection 2p or solo - Help?

Uriah Pariah uriahpariah at yahoo.com
Thu May 21 12:22:41 CDT 2015

I concur with Brick. 

In addition to what he said, I'd add that while most tent manufacturers claim their two-person tents are indeed designed to sleep two people, they never tell you the rest of the story..."providing they are Pygmies and are on exceptionally good terms with one another." 

If you wish to be cramped every night, and forced to roll over when your mate does, in addition to being forced to smell one another's gaseous emittings (which no thru-hiker can avert), by all means go with the two-person tent. Many a marriage has dissolved due to such dire designs.
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> I will be heading out next Spring for the NOBO PCT.  My friend and I will be doing the trek together. Any suggestions/opinions on chosing between sharing a 2p or using separate solo tents?

If you are not in already committed, stable romantic relationship, use
two solo shelters.

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