[pct-l] Tent Selection 2p or solo - Help?

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Two shelters. The reasons are too many to even list. Starting with flexibly in setting up. Two small spots close together are easier to find than one big one. Have you hiked with this person a lot?  Do you know each other's style hiking style?Do you get up at the same time?Do you walk at the same speed? I haven't hiked many miles with others but on one trail my hiking pal used to sleep in ,catch up to me by noon hang out together for awhile and we hoped to meet again before dark. Two tents! 
Lots of people walk together but are "gear independent"so that there don't have to be as many compromises. Sometimes being on a trail is first time in your life that you have had a chance to do exactly what you want. It's an amazing experience.  
Later,we sent one tent ahead because we worked out where to meet each night. 
Remember,even if you start with one ,as you hike you can have another shelter (or two separate small shelters)sent from home
If wanted. Finishing the trail you want to hike ,requires paying attention to what works and changing what doesn't. 

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> On May 21, 2015, at 10:32 AM, Herb Stroh <HStroh at sjmslaw.com> wrote:
> "If you are not in already committed, stable romantic relationship, use two solo shelters."
> Ha! Or if you want to stay in a committed, stable romantic relationship use two!
> Although a two person shelter may save some weight, I like solos because of the added flexibility. A solo can be staged in a smaller area than a two person, giving you wider selection of camp sites. It also allows the persons to split up for a few days and remain self-contained.
> Herb
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