[pct-l] Getting from the Trail South of the Sierras

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On 05/22/15, imscotty at aol.com wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I have a SOBO JMT thru hike planned for this August. I hope that this will also be the start of a section hike of the PCT. My current plan is to exit from Cottonwood Pass Campground since it looks to be an easy hitch into Lone Pine where I can get public transpiration to Reno to fly home.

However, it looks like I have time to continue another week of hiking SOBO. I would love to be able to cover the section to Kennedy Meadows, and Walker Pass, or there about. My problem, I cannot figure out a quick, reliable way to get back to a major airport in this area. Can anyone recommend a PCT exit point south of Lone Pine where I could reliably get to a major airport?

Thanks in advance

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