[pct-l] Is this weather typical? - Sierra City to Belden

Meridith Rosendahl meridith.rosendahl at gmail.com
Mon May 25 12:19:35 CDT 2015

> Is this weather typical?  Yes and no.  We are experiencing a series of
> late season rainstorms, but looking at the weather forecast for the next
> week or so, it looks pretty nice until a week from Tuesday, June 2.  You
> may have an occasional shower, but I don't think any prolonged downpours
> until then.    We had an unusually warm and dry March and April (actually
> the whole winter) with very little precip, and now we're getting stormed
> on.  It's the mountains, after all, and the weather is anybody's guess
> (even the weather nerds).

Don't give up, you're almost there, and the coming week should be ok.
Don't beat me up if I'm wrong.

Piper's Mom (Chester area).

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> My wife and I (section hikers) just hiked from Sierra City to Quincy-La
> Porte Road over the last few days. We felt like we were unusually slammed
> by fairly constant rain and thunderstorms. These did not seem like your
> typical afternoon thunderstorms. We only saw sun for about an hour each
> day.
> We checked the weather reports before leaving so did expect some
> rain/storms. But we felt the reports we saw underestimated the storms quite
> a bit.
> 1) Does anybody know if this stormy weather, in this region, is typical for
> this time of year? In other words, can we expect more of the same weather
> as we continue?
> 2) Or, is the weather very unpredictable in this region - i.e. Don't put
> much stock in the weather reports?
> 3) Finally, does anyone have recommendations for lightweight rain gear? Our
> rain gear turned out to not be waterproof (Frogg Togg Dri-Ducks - they may
> have been too old to protect us) sending our soggy selves off the trail and
> into Quincy earlier than planned.
> Thanks so much for your help!
> - Strog and Bling
> (at a motel in Quincy rehashing our plans)
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