[pct-l] Is this weather typical? - Sierra City to Belden

Leslie LaRocca larocca690 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 16:27:38 CDT 2015

Just in case you try searching for Golite...they are no longer in business.
On May 25, 2015 12:27 PM, "Stephen Adams" <reddirt23 at att.net> wrote:

> I found a Golite rain/wind shell on sale a couple years back.  It is made
> out of IIRC "Gorelite" fabric and is a single layer for lightweight (no
> liner).  It is the most comfortable damp/cold weather shell I have ever had
> for lightweight gear.  It actually seems to breathe quite well and I don't
> get as clammy as I do with other shell layers.  On sale it was still about
> $80, but way better material than I thought I would get.
> A couple comments on rain gear, my experience...
> Over time materials, sealers, coatings etc, will breakdown.  Breathable vs
> non... I've used both.  My cycling wind'rain shell in non, and I end up
> soaked with sweat, but keeping the wind off helped...  Same with hiking,
> but I would at least want to have a good wind shell at the end of the day
> or if things get really chilly.
> There is no such thing as water proof, but there is comfortable vs not so
> much...  And then there's the good ol' poncho.
> I don't like hiking in rain much myself, so I feel for ya getting nailed.
> On the other hand, you didn't get stuck in a blizzard.
> Cali had a period of fast moving weather full of squals and thunder storms
> roll thru this last week.  It seemed to be reported reasonably accurate on
> the national weather service as far as I could tell.  Where did you get
> your weather reports from?
> Some places are certainly unreliable.
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