[pct-l] A certain bear from Jellystone Park

Peter Necarsulmer necarsulmer at mac.com
Sat May 30 18:41:12 CDT 2015

So perfectly put.   Now let it rest, please.  Escargot.

> On May 30, 2015, at 10:40 AM, Douglas Tow <douglastow at gmail.com> wrote:
> Once upon a time, there was a bear.
> He lived in Jellystone Park, and had a sidekick named Boo Boo.
> He compiled a guide to Jellystone Park, and charged one peanut butter and
> jelly sandwich, a fair transaction.
> One day, this bear decided that he was smarter than the average bear.
> Over time, he became smarmy, insulting, presumptive, and decided that even
> Ranger Smith was beneath his dignity.  He enjoyed trashing the pic-a-nic
> baskets of others, even though they were none of his business.
> He wanted the Park to be equated with his vision,  and he the unquestioned
> authority, so that everything he said about it would be as gospel.  Others
> were valued only, only if they bowed.
> He said he didn't like some of the gift shops, and said they despoiled the
> flow of the Park.  Caused a bottleneck, even.  How wrong he was!
> One of the best gift shops closed, even though they were not a problem.
> Quite the opposite, they were a blessing.  They didn't even charge for the
> things in the shop.  The park community could never do enough to thank them
> for their years of welcome and generosity.
> Bears might be wise to stick to their grubbing and snuffling.
> Chipmunk
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