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  Tell'm the way it is.

Donna was a sweetheart and did not deserve the crap she got from Yogi.
She was a valued and appreciated asset to the backpacker community and
now she's gone....SHAME ON YOU YOGI!!!!!
Let's hope we do not loose any more valued & appreciated "TRAIL ANGELS"
over this ridiculous "rock pushing".

And yes Brick, you are 100% correct...nobody likes pushing rocks like Yogi.
She is an expert at pushing rocks.
Over the 10 years that I have been following this list I have seen Yogi push
avalanches of rocks, even causing people to disappear from the list by
burying them under an avalanche of rocks.
Like I said, Yogi is an expert at pushing rocks and seems to enjoy it.


JMT Reinhold

  [pct-l] Saufley's in backpacker magazine

*Andrea Dinsmore wrote:*

I, as with 1000's of others, watched with our mouths hanging open the
ongoing discussion between Yogi and Donna. I for one disagreed with the
idea that Donna and Jeff were causing a "bottleneck". Donna had a 50 hiker
per day limit forcing those who came through their Hiker Heaven to move
on.....on a daily basis. If anything was a "bottleneck" as described it
would have been the normal start date at the border and most hikers taking
advantage of the Kick Off. I have absolutely no gripes about Kick Off
because of the help it gives the hikers as they are starting the adventure
of their life. Reorganizing and asking for hikers to schedule themselves to
50 a day start time at the border helps a lot. Even though they are
starting at various times they may be past KO and are way up the trail.
Some come back to join the others and when KO is over the hikers get rides
back north to where they left the trail. Hikers are now spread out. Is the
"bottleneck" now at the KOA instead of Hiker Heaven ??

Most hikers starting in a short time from the border.......then a big
gathering dumping everyone back on the trail at one time (before there were
two sessions)......then 50 a day in and out of Hiker Heaven. Where does it
look like the "bottleneck" was ??

Along with many others I am sad that the Trail Angels, Donna and Jeff
Saufley, of so many years was made angry enough to close their doors.
Remember, Donna and Jeff, that seemed to be the opinion of just a couple of
people.  We miss you and your knowledge and the care you gave 1000s of
hikers over the years. Wish you would come back.

I hope Ziggy and The Bear, the Andersons and the Dinsmores don't get
accused of being a "bottleneck". The hikers may not need us, or the water
caches, or the on trail goodies (by folks that stay with their offerings),
or the businesses who supply your needs and great food....and the motels
you rent rooms from.....but I would guess it makes your hike a lot more

And NO.....I don't need any smart ass remarks in my email about my
opinions. Keep them to yourself.

Andrea Dinsmore
Skykomish/Baring, WA.


On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 4:00 PM, Brick Robbins <brick at brickrobbins.com  <http://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/pct-l>>

>/  2015-05-28 11:27 GMT-07:00 Brian Gill <pctpanama at aol.com  <http://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/pct-l>>:
/>/  > Who pushed  the rock that started the avalanche that  close down the
/>/  Saufley's  trail Angels ?  Will be missed in more ways then one..
/>/  I was watching the thread on Facebook that started it.
/>/  BTW, if you think PCT-L ever got nasty, try participation in some of
/>/  the FB discussions.
/>/  There was some nasty back and forth between Yogi and L-Rod over the
/>/  Kick-off, and the resulting concentration of hikers, which L-Rod was
/>/  complaining about.
/>/  Yogi responded by accusing L-Rod of also promoting "the herd" and
/>/  hurting the trail with her trail angel-ing
/>/  Dona replied: OK, in that case, we are going to stop.
/>/  So I would say that Yogi pushed the rock.
/>/  After having dealt with her, at least online, for a long time, I think
/>/  Yogi likes pushing rocks.
/>/  ___________________________/

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