[pct-l] A certain bear from Jellystone Park

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sun May 31 16:29:15 CDT 2015


Appears to be a replay of the  "rock pushing"  Melodrama.
Say,  that bear's name was not Yogie by chance,....was it?

JMT Reinhold

  [pct-l] A certain bear from Jellystone Park

Chipmunk wrote:

Once upon a time, there was a bear.

He lived in Jellystone Park, and had a sidekick named Boo Boo.

He compiled a guide to Jellystone Park, and charged one peanut butter and
jelly sandwich, a fair transaction.

One day, this bear decided that he was smarter than the average bear.

Over time, he became smarmy, insulting, presumptive, and decided that even
Ranger Smith was beneath his dignity.  He enjoyed trashing the pic-a-nic
baskets of others, even though they were none of his business.

He wanted the Park to be equated with his vision,  and he the unquestioned
authority, so that everything he said about it would be as gospel.  Others
were valued only, only if they bowed.

He said he didn't like some of the gift shops, and said they despoiled the
flow of the Park.  Caused a bottleneck, even.  How wrong he was!

One of the best gift shops closed, even though they were not a problem.
Quite the opposite, they were a blessing.  They didn't even charge for the
things in the shop.  The park community could never do enough to thank them
for their years of welcome and generosity.

Bears might be wise to stick to their grubbing and snuffling.


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