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Wayne is having trouble "replying to all" who have commented on his
question but he thanks everybody.  He's asked me to post this bit of
information and thanks.


Hi Scott..

Still trying to reply to all...Perhaps you can pass on this email to the
others who have been so very kind to respond to me..

Im keen to hike as much as i can when over there...My time line is i will
take time off work mid next year (self employed).

Im an open book at this stage and short of hopping on a plane mid next year
im pretty much keen to go where ever people suggest...as long as im hiking
im happy :)

Im keen to at least look at starting Mexico and moving North from there..I
do tend to hike at a steady pace, but not doing this for any speed records,
i want to do it once and do it right, as my plan after that is Russia and
Iceland etc.

Ive just spent 4 years hiking pretty much 90% of Australia including
Tasmania, including half of the Simpson Desert (solo but with a 4x4 backup
supporting me). My support 4x4 had to return home for family reasons, and
as much as i wanted to keep going, im no fool, so stopped there and
returned back with them....Then headed to Tassie and done pretty much all
of the hikes there, and i must say...EPIC..such an experience and amazing
time and met so many cool people on the tracks.

Ive spent my whole life (when not sailing) in the mountains and on the vast
majority of the trails in NZ, so if you name them chances are i have done
it at some point in my life..

After returning to NZ winter last year i worked as a remote trekking guide
in National Park, and did a number of hikes/guides in and around the
Tongariro National Park.

I di prefer my solo hikes, however again no fool when it comes to safety of
myself or others, Im no loner, however from time to time i do like to be
alone and enjoy this beautiful world we are all so blessed with.

I was looking at doing the newish Te Aroha trail..(the one that covers the
length of NZ ) However having a look at it to be honest having done most of
the tracks on it, id probably only look at doing the south island bit of
the trip. Having hiked overseas for the last 4 years ive been biten by that
bug....NZ tracks will always be here...NZ will always be home, so i can go
back and do them after im too old to travel overseas and do epic hikes in
different countries. ( The NZ link below.)


So im keen to do as much as i can when im there for sure...and welcome to
hike both solo and with someone, if there are any takers...

I have alot of experience from NZ point of view so i cant see too much in
the way of differences from the way you all do things in the USA. However
im always very open to learn new tricks of the trade thats for sure.

Thanks to all for welcoming me and chatting to me on this....im very

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 7:45 AM, Scott Williams <baidarker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Another option is to start really early northbound on the Appalachian
> Trail in Feb. or March, finish it fast and then southbound on either the
> PCT or the CDT.  Cloudwalker, a young man from Washington State, did the AT
> and CDT last year that way and still made it to the American Long Distance
> Hiking Association West's, Gathering in late Sept. to receive his Triple
> Crown Award.  He had done the PCT in an earlier year.  But to do those
> kinds of miles you have to be a super fast hiker.  He clocked 35 to 40
> miles per day at times on the AT, the physically hardest of the three, and
> faster than that on the CDT.  He's a really fast hiker.  He just gave me a
> rabbit chase up Mt. Diablo, our best local training spot, last week that
> was one of the fastest times I've done in a long time, and he was
> moderating his pace so as to be able to talk to me.
> Eric, who I hiked  most of the CDT with, made a big loop of trails over 2
> years that went like this:  PCT sobo (southbound) in the summer of 2010,
> Florida Trail during the winter, AT nobo (northbound) during the summer of
> 2011, Arizona Trail during the winter and then CDT nobo in the summer of
> 2012.  But he too is a really fast and strong hiker.  He slowed down enough
> to hike  with us geezers in 2012 on the CDT only because he wanted to hike
> with us.  We never could have kept up with him otherwise.
> Most of us mere mortals hike one of the big ones per season, or two or
> three of the shorter ones.  The three great trails range  in length from
> 2,100 to 3,100 miles, enough that most of us can complete one in a season,
> but not more than that.  But if you are in the range of super fast hikers
> the two options above are just an example of how you can link trails.  Cam
> Honan, AKA "Swami", a fellow Australian, actually linked 12 great trails,
> if I'm remembering it right, over a 2 year period, creating some on his own
> out of several shorter trails.  He actually completed the Triple Crown,
> PCT, CDT and AT in one calendar year during this time.  But he's one of the
> greatest long distance walkers on the planet at this point.  So it can be
> done, and if you're capable, more power to ya and keep us posted, as we all
> love to follow the big endeavors.
> Welcome to the PCTL and good luck on whatever you choose..
> Shroomer
> On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 12:00 AM, marmot marmot <marmotwestvanc at hotmail.com
> > wrote:
>> If you want to string a few trails together, the ones that might work are
>> the PCT(leaving in April,nb) Colorado Trail(mid August,sb)Arizona Trail(end
>> of sept,sb)Ouachita Trail (start Nov,EB)Florida Trail(Dec,nb). And then
>> depending on how much time and money you have you could just continue north
>> on the East Coast Trail( Pinhoti Trail, Benton MacKay,AT,IAT). Of course
>> all this depends on the weather cooperating. You would have to bus or hitch
>> between trails but I was just trying to link them together in the order you
>> could do them at the right time of the year considering heat,snow not
>> backtracking too much etc.
>> Marmot
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>> > On Nov 1, 2015, at 8:46 PM, Brick Robbins <brick at brickrobbins.com>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> > 2015-11-01 15:39 GMT-08:00 Wayne Monastra <waynemonastra at gmail.com>:
>> >> Im from New Zealand and planning (or trying too) a couple of your very
>> long
>> >> hikes over your way late next year.
>> >
>> > G'Day Wayne.
>> >
>> > Welcome to the PCT-L
>> >
>> > Hmmm, it is difficult, but not impossible to do multiple long trails
>> > in the same year, since the lenght of a hiking season, and the time it
>> > takes to complete a very long trail (pct, cdt at)  are similar.
>> >
>> > Also, when is "late next year" as the seasons are not very forgiving
>> >
>> >> Keen for any info on the PCT and talk to those who have perhaps done it
>> >> before..
>> >
>> > This is a good place to find many folks who have hiked the PCT
>> >
>> >> I tend to also do most of my trips solo, however would love to hike
>> with
>> >> like minded people if any are willing to join me.
>> >
>> > you will meet many friends on the trail and will see the same folks
>> > often, even if you are hiking solo. The window of opportunity is
>> > fairly short to hike the whole PCT, so hiking in "the herd" is more of
>> > a problem than hiking alone
>> >
>> > But no worries, she'll be right mate.
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