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I agree that after many miles of trail, I've managed to keep my down items dry and have never had a problem. 
As for synthetics being a more animal friendly/environmentally friendly option, that may or may not be true.  Synthetic insulations are made from petroleum and chemicals, which are non-renewable/non-sustainable and I'm sure have an effect on aquatic and terrestrial life in the process.  
For me, the best option is to choose what works the best for me and find quality products that last, so that I can keep my consumption of those items to a minimum.

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>I have to disagree. I have used down for over 40 years and never had a
>problem. I agree that when it's wet you lose the ability to keep warm,
>but why is it wet? Never had that problem, not in a jacket and not in
>a sleeping bag. If it's clumped in a ball, like after being squished,
>then just shake it and it will even out again. I'm not sure of the
>"goose" story, but I know a lot of geese and ducks are eaten in Asia
>and that's where a lot of our down comes from. I can't imagine pulling
>feathers out of live animals. I have seen factories where down is
>processed and seperated into different grades. Sure, synthetics are an
>option, but I really don't think they keep you any warmer than down,
>especially for the weight.Golly
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> The second reason to avoid down is that there is too much demand for
> down to raise geese and kill them for a little bit of down. Now they
> the down out of alive screaming geese. When it grows back, they pull
> out of them again. This is a very cruel and painful way of life for a
> beautiful creature who feels pain. It is wrong to support this
>cruelty to
> save a couple ounces of weight, boo hoo or a little bit of money.

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