[pct-l] 2016 prep

Douglas Tow douglastow at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 13:54:19 CST 2015

Your 2016 thru hike is about 5 months out.

In that time, you have a perfect opportunity to find some things out.

1.  Wait until a solidly rainy day, put your loaded pack on with your rain
gear, take a 5 mile walk (or just stand out in the rain for an hour), set
up your shelter, and set up for eating and sleeping.  How'd that work out?
Where did you put your wet clothes and boots?  Did the things you wanted to
stay dry stay dry?  Wish you had an extra pair of dry socks?

2.  As you finish task #1 above, now put on your hiking clothes, pack your
pack, and break camp.  Eat breakfast if that is your general plan.  Assess.

3.  Resupply strategy.  Foods.  Wayfinding.  Charging your devices.  How to
get replacement boots while on trail.  Do your own brainstorming.

4.  Hike, and hike some more.  When that's done, hike some more.  Maybe a
bit more.

5.  It really does cost money.

6.  If you want to reduce your chances of reaching your goals, definitely
wing it.


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