[pct-l] Ursacks and mice

Janet Grossman janetgr at cableone.net
Mon Nov 23 22:14:12 CST 2015

In today's digest, Rob wrote: How are Ursacks at standing up to mice? I 
had mice attack my food at two spots along the Suiattle River this past 
summer, so I would like to find something that is light weight and can 
stand up to them.? ? ? ?Rob

In summer of 2014 I camped several nights in the Suiattle River area 
with people who had mice get into their tents and food or trash. I 
always had my food, trash and anything with a scent in an OP Sak, stowed 
inside my pack under my feet at night, and never had any issues with 
mice. I used OP Saks for my 8-year section hike of the whole PCT, 
including inside my bear canister for the Sierra, and never had any 
indication of any creature being interested in my food.


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