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For what it's worth, in that 15 mile stretch there are designated campsites (free reservation required, available in Stehekin). All of these have some form of bear setup. In the case of a box, you're done. If you choose one with a bear wire, you will need some line. (They should be able to tell you what is at each campsite.)

My Zpacks food bag got some deep gouges from a rodent at Onyx Summit. (I repaired this with tape to keep rain/dew out the few nights I did hang it.) In northern Washington, mice were everywhere. I tended to do lazy hangs (clip the bag around a branch) and that was enough. One night I slept with it an ended with a mouse turd sitting on top of the bag, but no new signs of damage. I did not use an OpSak.


> On Nov 26, 2015, at 10:35 AM, River Malcolm <rivermary at centurylink.net> wrote:
> Brian -- thank you so much! I had myself all overwrought. When I check my halfmile map it looks like only 15 miles of PCT cross thru North Cascades Natl Park. Thanks so much for bringing me back to earth!
> Happy trails. 
> River
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>> Thanks to all of you for the discussion on protecting food from mice. I have had very good luck also with opsak a plus the zpack food bag (which supposedly is very rodent resistant). 
>> However, I understand that N Cascades Natl Park REQUIRES canisters, ursaks, or hanging your bear bag. 
>> I have been very content in my multi-year hike to keep my zpack with opsak inside my tent. It has seemed very safe. But I don't want to break the law.  Or harm a bear. Any thoughts?
>> River
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>> River,
>> Although N Cascades Natl Park may require those things, I was able to 
>> hike into Stehekin during a single day, stay there overnight without 
>> requiring them, and when I hiked out I was able to go beyond the park 
>> before stopping for the day, so I didn't use or need canisters, ursaks, 
>> or hanging during my thru-hike.
>> Sincerely,
>> Tartan PCT 2014
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