[pct-l] Planning for PCT 2016

Cody B moonbeams13 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 16:44:36 CDT 2015

Hey Y'all,

I am an undergraduate student hoping to do a large segment hike of the PCT
in Summer 2016. My finals finish the first week of May so I was hoping to
start the second week of May and need to finish up my hike in the first
week of August (Hence doing a segment instead of a thru-hike, much to my
own chagrin.)

I was originally looking at starting at the OR/CA border and heading North
to Manning Park, but my research has led me to conclude that I will hit too
much snow with that plan. (Some snow is fine and I was born a hiker, but
don't really have any mountaineering experience.)

Does anyone have any advice as to where the northernmost point I could
start my hike is with my time frame and still avoid heavy snow pack? I am
hoping to average about 20-25 miles a day and would like to include as much
of Oregon and Washington as possible.

Thank you in advance, and I hope to see some of you on the trail next


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