[pct-l] Any southbounders out in this flooding?

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I can attest to this. First, I live in the affected area and while we
didn't have a lot of rain, it was a downpour for the time it lasted.
Second, when I was caught in the landslide with my horse last year,
there had been a lot of rain 10 days prior that made the trail very
unstable. It was in the Station Fire area, that happened about 5 years
before my accident. That's when the roots start degrading and don't
hold anything back.Golly

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 2+ inches of rain a couple of hours

 "Amid concerns that downpours could cause slides and flows of mud and
 debris over slopes that wildfires have stripped of vegetation,
 including the Powerhouse and Warm fire burn areas, flooding was
 reported by the National Weather Service near San Francisquito Canyon
 and Elizabeth Lake roads and a funnel cloud was spotted near Lake
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