[pct-l] "Military" training on Mount Laguna

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Wed Oct 21 23:28:24 CDT 2015

I would like to know too. golly

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Subject: [pct-l] "Military" training on Mount Laguna

 Does anyone know what’s up with the men/women “training” a
couple of miles east of the PCT on Mount Laguna in
Military/Para-Military garb (cotton duck fatigues from 20 years or so
ago plus medium-sized backpacks - sort of like the old plastic frame
Coleman external packs)? I’ve seen them a couple of times crossing
Big Laguna Meadow and to the east of there. I can’t say they seemed
particularly interested in sharing intel (you know, trail gossip,
chitchat, proximity to nearest pizza, etc.). One guy with
“Predator”-like face paint - looked especially disgusted when he
busted out of the brush above me and I responded with a big
“Howdee”! Guess he was really looking to put a “tag” on an
“insurgent” below me in the trees. Even if these are National
Forest enforcement types, I don’t get why they are training in a
recreation area in an urban backyard playground. “Just saying”.

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