[pct-l] 2016 thru-hike possibly

DayLate07 . dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 23:23:32 CDT 2015

Mark,   car and bus.

Most people fly into San Diego and arrange with one of the several trail
angles in town to have them drive them out to the trail head.  They will
announce on this form how to contact them right before the season starts.

At the Canadian end most hikers continue to hike on into Manning Park and
then take a greyhound bus to Vancouver and then find their way home from

Search for -Yogi PCT guide- on the internet and it will answer about 90% of
your questions.  It is $40 and will answer most questions and make your
planning easier - and will get you psyched to hit the trail.

Day-Late  (PCT 09)

> Thinking of doing the whole hike, Mexico to Canada.  I have many, many
> questions.  Starting with how does one get from San Diego airport to the
> trail start?  And from Manning Park to Vancouver airport?
> Mark Van Steenburg
> Austin, TX

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