[pct-l] Coconut oil and laird superfood

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Pre-packaged items are not just limited to coconut oils, et al. I buy packets of olive oil at the Carraba's chain restaurant. I've scored indiv. packets of mayo at restaurants (they'll usually sell a few reasonable), and once I found a box of relish packets at the local restaurant supply store (public shoppers welcomed). A single pack of tuna, with mayo and relish, equals instant tuna salad. But I would recommend not eating this where you camp - smells good to critters, too. 

Ketchup, peanut butter, and salad dressings are also available in packets. I've never used it, but http://www.minimus.biz has lots of choices, as does Amazon. 

Good eatin', y'all! 


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> I haven't had much luck with leak proof bottles when it comes to oils. But it's been a few years since I looked at what's out there. When I was in the high sierras and using the bear canister, it was really nice to have prepackaged coconut oil. I think I had ordered it thru groupon, but I know Amazon carries the pre-packs. Also on Amazon is a new product I found called Laird Superfood, which has packets of coffee creamer with coconut oil and red palm oil,....super healthy stuff. It's spendy for a thru hiker, but maybe a worthy investment for helping our bodies hold out. Sometimes I just threw a few of the really quality things in my resupply box for every other day use. Best wishes to the class of 2016!!! 
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