[pct-l] Chico Zero

Mike Belanger mikes4b22 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 6 11:42:31 CDT 2016

For nostalgic reasons, I am wanting to plan an excursion to the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA as well as see a friend and shower (did I mention Madison Bear Garden burgers?!) I'm thinking of bailing off the PCT somewhere around Belden or Chester and having friends/family come pick me up or taking public transit (B-Line) to Chico from Hwy 32. What are ya'lls recommendations for getting to and from the PCT to/from Chico? How should I choose which town to bail from Belden/Chester; based on the day of the week, distance from PCT, proximity to Chico, etc.? I should note I will want to connect my steps regardless of where I end up leaving from. 		 	   		  

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