[pct-l] JMT Yo-Yo & Karen's Hero....correction

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I am glad you are having a good time.
The list is a great place for present & future PCT hikers.
Switchback is the "Spark Plug" on the list.

Forget about running out of warranty.
If our warranty expires at age 40, I ran out of warranty 35 years ago and
regardless of all the injuries, am still firing on all 8 cylinders.

BTW..CORRECTION to my below post..I meant to say that I have been hiking
for 52 years including 4 years in the USMC, 48 years with my wife and 30
years with the Boy Scouts.

And yes,...life is to short to be boring.
That's why Switchback and I try to inject some humor into the list to relax
and loosen up the herd.
It's not good for them to always be overly tense & nervous.

JMT Reinhold
Your happy go lucky, never tense or nervous trail companion

Sabrina wrote:
I'm having the best time reading these posts and soaking in the wit and
wisdom of you experienced PCTers.
You all seem like such a fun and helpful group.
I can't wait to get out there next season for my first section hike.
Hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting some of you in person!
Get well soon Switchback! My warranty ran out last year when I turned 40
so I'm getting a taste of the betrayal! Et tú Brute??!
Life is too short to be boring though so let's keep doing adventurous crap,
even if it's slow and/or painful!!
Better than sitting in a chair watching tv!!

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>/On Apr 12, 2016, at 10:38 PM, Reinhold Metzger <reinholdmetzger at 
cox.net <http://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/pct-l>> wrote: />//>/Switchback, />/GET BETTER SOON...the "Newbies" need crusty "Old Timers" like you to />/show them the way. />//>/OK guys,...wish Switchback a speedy recovery. />//>/I had my share of hiking and skiing injuries..reconstructive shoulder />/surgery on my left shoulder from a high speed skiing crash, surgery />/on my right shoulder also from a high speed skiing crash, ruptured />/disk from a bad fall in the Grand Canyon, surgery on my right knee, />/probably the result of to many miles with a heavy pack....4 years in />/the USMC Infantry, where backpacking is a way of life, not a hobby, />/as a Bazooka Gunner hauling ungodly heavy packs with heavy weapons />/and extra ammo strapped on our packs and 30 yrs of hiking with Karen />/(my wife) and the Scouts as a "High Adventure Leader" hauling a 55 to />/65 lb pack to make the packs of the scouts & my wife lighter. />//>/I remember my first Whitney hike in 1968..I was a recently discharged />/USMC Grunt (Infantry) used to hauling heavy loads and it went against />/my grain to burden my recent bride with a pack, so everything went />/into "ONE" monster pack on my back. />/I also had to carry "Shatzy" our miniature Dachshund most of the way. />/But, with Karen "coooooing" into my ear "REINHOLD,...YOU ARE MY HERO" />/made it all worth it...that is all I ever wanted to be "KAREN'S HERO". />/Of course, I was Shatzy's Hero also. />//>/I also remember my first JMT "Thru-Hike" with the Scouts in 1996 />/hauling an 85 lb pack. />//>/However, a few years later, on my Solo Unsupported JMT" speed hikes I />/was UL to the extreme...the pack with all the gear,...tent, sleeping />/bag, cold weather gear, rain gear, first aide kit, emergency kit, water />/purification, map & compass and yes,..Potty Trowel, whistle, etc., all />/the food for the "Thru-Hike" and 2 liters water, weight only 22 lb. />//>/As you can see, I hike on both sides of the fence...."Heavy Trucker" />/with my wife and the Scouts...."UL" on my solo speed hikes. />//>/So, as you can see Switchback, I also had my share of injuries. />/But we old timers, we can take a licking and just keep on ticking. />/They don't make'm like us anymore...they just don't make'm out of the />/same metal anymore. />//>/As far as you doing a 4 day JMT Yo-Yo?...Unless you got some super />/knee replacements, I would not recommend it Switchback. />/Now, if you can convince Mrs. Switchback to carry your pack for you, />/a 4 day JMT Yo-Yo might be possible. />//>/Again, get well soon Switchback, the "List" and the "Thru-Hiking" />/community needs crusty "Old Timers" like you. />//>/BTW Switchback...my time for the JMT was 5 days 10 hrs in 2003 and />/5 days 7 hrs in 2004,...not just over 4 days. />/But that was when I was still a young 62 & 63...I don't know if I />/could still do that now at 75. />//>/JMT Reinhold />/Karen's & Shatzy's Hero />/............................ />//>/Switchback wrote: />/After my double knee replacement a few months ago, I plan to be back on />/the trail. />/I am walking a half mile every day on a dirt trail near my house and then />/to the indoor pool. />/Snow Bunny did the 211 mile JMT in just over 4-days, when he was younger. />/I will easily break that old record, when I get back out there. />/In fact, I think I will yo-yo the JMT in 4-days just to make it 
interesting. />/No problem. /<http://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/pct-l>

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