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Hey, Mary!

I'm the same way! Some folks do well with single-compartment pack bags where 
everything gets mixed together on the inside, but I like quick access to 
particular things via top, side, and rear pockets. Maybe it’s a Kelty-thing, 
I don't know...

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I hiked a few years with an ACL brace. It can be done. I then got a knee 
relaxant and still hike.

Listen to your physical therapist and take rehab very seriously. Learn what 
you can do and not do by 2017 and adjust your hiking plans accordingly. 
Don't just try to keep up with everyone else but listen carefully to what 
your knee is telling you and you can very probably still hike.

Packing - probably everyone packs slightly differently. Probably the 
majority of folks like most everything stowed away inside that can be.

Not me. I purposely get packs with outside pockets. Tent, TP and trowel, 
rain gear and umbrella, first aid kit, water treatment, and head and hand 
coverings all go on outside of my pack. No wet stuff goes inside and 
anything I want to get at quickly goes on outside. That is the way I like 
it. But probably that would drive lots of others crazy.

Don't worry. You will develop your own way which suits you.

Medicare Pastor

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