[pct-l] Compass vs GPS & missing hikers

Herb Stroh HStroh at sjmslaw.com
Wed Apr 20 15:32:45 CDT 2016

"Herb... regarding?your post ...'I do still bring a compass, but it is a cheap small one.'

You are probably aware that every degree of error in a compass bearing creates 100 feet of error per mile traveled? Multiply that error by the degrees in a compass like yours and you lose direction even more. If you're out of water and trying to make a heading to a pond that shows on a map, you could miss it entirely."

Yep. But even back in the day when there was no GPS, I never used a $75 compass and seemed to find my way. As suggested by the thrust of my post, I think the most important skill is reading a topo. Give me the general direction and a topo and I will find the pond.


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