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I believe the article also said they were pursuing another  avenue.
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>  filed by the owners of several businesses in Stehekin, probably  
> the bakery {"pastry shop"}:
>  http://ij.org/case/lake-chelan-ferries/


According to  the link you provided this was filed in 2011, They lost
on appeal in 2013  and the Supreme Court refused to hear it.

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Unfortunately, in December 2013, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of  Appeals
concluded that the Privileges or Immunities Clause does not  protect
the right to operate a public ferry on Lake Chelan—a conclusion  that
further narrowed Slaughter-House’s already narrow interpretation  of
the clause. Worse, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review  that
decision in June  2014.
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