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Glad you are doing the trail. Please do not drink the water without treatment. There are cheap easy filter systems (Sawyer Squeeze and many others)   You do not want giardia. Most long distance hikers do not use freeze dried food. They buy dried along the way in regular stores or they send boxes to themselves at POs,hostels or motels. Look for food suggestions on line. Look at Yogis books or on line for the resupply spots.  I used Trout Lake, Cracker Barrel Store(White Pass) Snowqualimie,Skycomish,
Stehegan. If you want to buy freeze dried and send it to yourself you could do that in Portland at REI
You might look at the snow level. July might be a bit early to go through Washington unless you are used to snow travel. Going south from Cascade Locks (fly into Portland)takes you through wonderful Oregon. Around Mount Hood,Jefferson Park ,the Sisters. It's lower not as rugged but beautiful. And there's nothing like Crater Lake. Of course ,depending on the timing of the snow melt you might have to deal with mosquitoes. 
There are bad actors out there ,of course. I've never had any trouble. But I do not tell anyone what I am doing or where I am going. No one knows where I am sleeping or how many miles I am doing. I do pay attention at road crossings to avoid being seen by traffic --especially at dirt roads. I do hitch hike into resupply towns. I am always ready to turn down rides that feel iffy. My favorite rides are in the back of of pickup truck. Many single women or families pick me up who say they never pick up hitch hikers. Have a big sign that says PCT hiker needs ride. I very obviously send a text with the car license plate number and state that I am doing thatPeople now know what means. 

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> On Apr 28, 2016, at 11:58 PM, Alice P <aaz210672 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I'm a woman from Israel whose dream is to hike a PCT. Since a have only a
> month I plan to make a Washington section, starting at the Bridge of the
> Gods and going north. I'll begin my trip in the beginning of July.
> I am not a complete newbie in hiking, I've used to hike solo for two
> –three weeks in Alps in Europe, but have never done it in US. And I
> guess it may be different there. I would really appreciate some
> advices and I have a few questions:
> 1.      If the water along Washington section is drinkable without
> treatment? (I used to drink water from rivers in Alps without any
> treatment.)
> 2.      If there is a way to buy freeze-dried food at least ones in a
> week at some points along Washington section?
> 3.      How save is it for women to walk alone, or I should be aware
> of some suspicious people?
> Sorry if I ask dumb questions and I'd appreciate any information.
>   Alice
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