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Starting at Cascade Locks seems like a good option. There are several ways people get from PDX to CCL including a couple of bus transfers. I'd put out a request for a ride on this list or FB. I can't do early September, but keep my email for a possible ride on your second trip to CCL.
Of course snow can fly any time after September 25th, but the Oregon cascades are often passible, albeit wet and colder until about October 20th, then all bets are off. Flexibility and a bailout plan are key.
Good luck,

> On Aug 6, 2016, at 7:53 AM, Clint Tokash <ctokash at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi guys. Hoping to get feedback on this plan's feasibility.
> I left the trail in early July at Bucks Lake (Northern CA) due to an unhappy
> knee and am considering options for finishing my thru-hike as a flip-flop
> starting Sept 1.
> My plan is to fly into Seattle and take Amtrak to Stevens Pass. Hike
> northbound to Manning, take a bus to Vancouver, bus or train to Seattle,
> then Amtrak back to Stevens pass to finish my hike southbound. At 25 miles
> per day, I think this will put me far enough south in September to avoid any
> early winter storms in the Cascades.
> Questions:
> 1. Would it be better to fly into Portland and start at Cascade Locks
> northbound, then flip back there? It looks like Seattle transport is easier,
> but I don't really know.
> 2. Do I need to be concerned about early winter storms (late Sept and Oct)
> in Oregon and Northern CA?
> 3. Should I just forget the thru hike and finish next year starting
> northbound from Bucks Lake in July?
> ~ Burrban
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