[pct-l] Anza RV Resort

Tim Crum 4140lcl at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 17:49:56 CDT 2016

I am doing some planning from my next set of section hikes next spring. My
next section will be Scissors X to San Gorgonio Pass in early to mid March
(weather depending). I see that Anza RV Resort is approximately 2 miles
west of the trail (as the crow flies). I see two roads (Table Mt. Truck
Trail and Indian Paint Brush) that intersect the trail (about 2 miles
apart). These run into other roads that lead over to the Resort. It looks
to be 3-5 miles from the trail depending on the route. Has anyone used Anza
RV and accessed it from the Table Mt. Truck Rd. area? If so, how was it?
How was the walk in? What route from the trail did you use? How was the
store (looks like basic convenience type). I have an e-mail in to the
resort but thought I would see if anyone has used them.

Thanks ahead for any info.


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