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Melanie Clarke melaniekclarke at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 21:37:50 CST 2016

Quilts get really drafty so I feel you are better off with one of the
nice ultra-light down sleeping bags on the market.  I'm a vegan so I need a
synthetic bag where weight is a bigger issue.  I can not be part of an
industry that plucks the down out of alive screaming bloody geese every 6
months until they die horribly.

The best ultra-light synthetic quilt I've found is Mountain Laurel, along
with the Balaclava.  After testing the quilt while hiking the CDT in
Glacier N.P.; I ordered some extra fabric from Mountain Laurel and turned
the quilt into a bag with a zipper.  I put my neoair into my sleeping bag
on top of the fabric.  Since I sleep on top of fabric and the neoair (or
pad) there is no wasted loft that I have to carry.  If you want more
information on how to do this, let me know.  I have the 28 degree Spirit
Mountain Laurel and with the Balaclava, bag (quilt + zipper and extra
fabric), it's about 30 ounces.  I'm 5'8" and I think I ordered the large so
I could snuggle down inside.  It's a very warm sleep system that works even
when it's wet.  I'll have to test this system with a thermometer but I
think I would feel comfortable below 28 degrees.

If you're interested in making the conversion, let me know and I'll send
more detailed instructions.

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On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 4:30 PM, John Papini <jtpapini at icloud.com> wrote:

> Hello! I am looking to make the jump from mummy bag to quilt, and was
> wondering if anybody would care to correspond privately about quilt
> brands/styles. As I said, I know I want a quilt, but I’m not sure which
> brand I’d like to buy. I’ve no doubt that there are plenty of quilt owners
> out there who have researched this to death, so to those folks I am
> extending my humble request. I’m hoping to wrangle a Christmas gift out of
> this, so I am looking for the best/lightest quilt option, not necessarily
> the most economical…
> Thank you!
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