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Enlightened Equipment makes excellent down quilts. Yes, there's nothing
like a nice toasty down quilt. I think my model is the Revelation 900-fill
Downtek extra long, extra wide 20-degree model - only 24 ounces, made in
America. It is lighter, less expensive, warmer and far better made than my
costly but crappy Chinese-made Montbell Superspiral 20-degree bag, which
weighed more than 2 pounds in extra long. The only EE sale I know of though
is right after Thanksgiving.

I have also heard good things about katabatic down quilts, but they seem to
cost a lot more.

On Thursday, December 8, 2016, John Papini <jtpapini at icloud.com
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> Hello! I am looking to make the jump from mummy bag to quilt, and was
> wondering if anybody would care to correspond privately about quilt
> brands/styles. As I said, I know I want a quilt, but I’m not sure which
> brand I’d like to buy. I’ve no doubt that there are plenty of quilt owners
> out there who have researched this to death, so to those folks I am
> extending my humble request. I’m hoping to wrangle a Christmas gift out of
> this, so I am looking for the best/lightest quilt option, not necessarily
> the most economical…
> Thank you!
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