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Dale McDuffie dale.mcduffie at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 10:25:15 CST 2016

Here's my solution, for what its worth:  I looked into quilts to 
alleviate the claustrophobia I get with tight fitting sleeping bags.  I 
settled on the Western Mountaineering TerraLite: a more rectangular back 
that completely unzips into a quilt.  While on the CDT this fall I found 
I would start sleeping as a quilt feeling fine, wake up needing to tuck 
the edges under to to avoid drafts, and sometime zipping it all the way 
up.  I also purchased a V-shaped nylon panel (custom) that allows me 
more room even with the bag fully zipped.


On 12/8/16 4:30 PM, John Papini wrote:
> Hello! I am looking to make the jump from mummy bag to quilt, and was wondering if anybody would care to correspond privately about quilt brands/styles. As I said, I know I want a quilt, but I’m not sure which brand I’d like to buy. I’ve no doubt that there are plenty of quilt owners out there who have researched this to death, so to those folks I am extending my humble request. I’m hoping to wrangle a Christmas gift out of this, so I am looking for the best/lightest quilt option, not necessarily the most economical…
> Thank you!
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