[pct-l] Lightweight Quilt

Jeffrey Olson jjolson58 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 10:43:09 CST 2016

I've got about 180 nights using a quilt over the last 13 years.  I made 
the decision to NEVER stuff the quilt into a stuff or compression sack.  
The result of doing this with any down product is clumping, as a 
previous poster described.  You can break up the clumps, but it's a 
tedious process to do when you're tired and just want to lie down.  
Also, any skin oil and dirt that makes its way through the nylon (it 
happens) makes it harder and harder to de-clump the down.  I use a 
Nunatak Alpinist that has 800 weight down.

My quilt is just now starting to lump up, (no clumps yet) and I have to 
spend an extra 30 seconds fluffing.  It still has about two inches of 
loft across the body, and a bit more in the foot box.  I need to wash 
the quilt.

While hiking, what works for me is putting the quilt into a black 
plastic garbage bag, the kind with a plastic drawstring.  It is the last 
thing that goes into the pack, which is a big sack, the biggest 
possible.  I used a Golite Gust when they made those, and now a Golite 
Pinnacle, which also is no longer made.  Any large sack with mesh 
pockets works.  With four days of food, the quilt takes up half the 
pack.  With a day's worth of food, it takes up two thirds.

This is just another strategy, not the "T"ruth...

Laramie, WY

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