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Doug Swam doug.swam at outlook.com
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Have you experimented with your current bag by unzipping all the way and laying it on top like a makeshift-quilt? Zero cost method to experiment before you hint your way into a multi-hundred dollar gift. You might determine that you require some sort of method to secure it to you....or your pad....or around your neck/head. It'll already have a footbox if you do this with a mummy bag.

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Hello! I am looking to make the jump from mummy bag to quilt, and was wondering if anybody would care to correspond privately about quilt brands/styles. As I said, I know I want a quilt, but I'm not sure which brand I'd like to buy. I've no doubt that there are plenty of quilt owners out there who have researched this to death, so to those folks I am extending my humble request. I'm hoping to wrangle a Christmas gift out of this, so I am looking for the best/lightest quilt option, not necessarily the most economical...

Thank you!
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