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Wed Feb 3 21:15:11 CST 2016

Very popular headlamp, which I used on the PCT.  I carried a spare set of
batteries - they weigh very little.  I shipped myself a couple of spares in
food packages from home every couple of months.  I'd swap them out then.  I
was able to get about 20 replacement batteries on ebay for the cost of
about 2 in the stores and they worked fine.

I only night hiked a couple of times and only for a few hours - as I prefer
to have the scenery of the day.  The light will work much better for you if
you hold it about waist level as you hike.  It makes your depth perception

 It is a good headlamp for a thru hiker but if I was an avid night hiker I
might want one with more light.  If you are only occasionally going to
night hike than it is fine.  Like I said earlier, I've tried night hiking
and it is okay but I always feel I'm missing out on great views when I do it

Enjoy the great adventure called the PCT!


> .
> I am gearing up to hike the trail SoBo 2017.  I've been reading quite a
> few blogs of people who have chosen to hike desert sections in California
> during the night because of the heat.  Does anyone have experience using
> the Petzl e+LITE for night hiking in the PCT?  If so, what was your opinion
> on the amount of light it provided?  Did the lamp provide enough light to
> navigate safely?  Also, how often did you need to replace the batteries?
>  And did you carry batteries with you or buy them along the way?  Were they
> easy to find in stores along the way?  Any advice would be greatly
> appreciated!!!
> Sarah
> .

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