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Hey Kurt,
I've been wrestling with that same dilemma, and finally decided to resupply in Independence, hiking out over Kearsarge Pass. I may actually take a bus from there to Bishop for a zero.
My sweetie hiked the JMT this past summer with a friend, saying that Kearsarge Pass was amazing and that the hike in and out to the Onion Valley trailhead wasn't bad. They were somehow able to arrange a ride into Independence ahead of time. 

Anyway, that's my plan. It will allow for some flexibility in my trail days and less food in my pack and canister.

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I've been reading Yogi's book and basing my preparations on its guidance.
She mentions considering hiking from Kennedy Meadows to Vermillion Valley
Resort without a resupply, and seeing that the resupply towns require
considerable hitch hiking, I was planning on hiking straight through. Also,
none of the resupply points seem favorable; it's either resupply really
early on or super late on this section. But I'm doubting I can fit the
required calories into my bear canister. I was assuming 4000 calories per
day for 11 days. I know there's a good chance I'll burn more, and that is a
considerable length of time without a resupply. Does anyone have any
suggestions for packing the canister or other recommendations?


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