[pct-l] Sierra Resupply

Kat Hampton khampton228 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 19:29:01 CST 2016

First, apologies, I don't know the right way to chime in on a mailing list,
and I have something to say about the Sierra resupply topic.

I thru-hiked last year and had planned for KM, Independence, then VVR. I
knew I couldn't carry the weight of food from KM to VVR. I know a few
hikers who ran out of food last year attempting it. The Sierras are
HARD--even without much snow. I packed dense food and ate it ALL. Snickers
bars were key. I was even waking up to eat one in the middle of the night
most nights.
The Independence resupply was easy. I stayed in the hiker hostel at the
motel (the management was super nice) and had my box sent to the Chevron
station instead of the post office. It was a relaxing resupply as most
hikers had opted to go to Bishop. The hitches to and from the trailhead to
Kearsarge Pass were easy. I had friends who went out over Bishop Pass and
couldn't get a hitch back to connect their steps.
VVR was expensive. And busy. I was there long enough to get my box and eat
a $20 burger (fries not included--spent $45 total and i was there less than
an hour) before hitching to Mono Hot Springs. Mono was amazing. I spent two
blissful zero days there. The resort staff were some of the best people i
met on trail. The hot springs were amazing, the camping around the resort
is free (and beautiful), and the food is excellent (a salad bar! Buffalo
burgers! Home-made spaghetti sauce! Real coffee!). They also have a post
office. And laundry. I don't know why more hikers don't send boxes there
(is there a reason?). While I'd managed to hitch from VVR, it is also
possible to hike directly to Mono Hot Springs from the PCT, then take a
trail to VVR and another from VVR back to the PCT.

Thanks for reading!

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