[pct-l] Bear spray

Alli fitzalli at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 14:12:34 CST 2016

Just remember that "wild" means unpredictable. You can carry a very small
mace canister (they make them on key chains) for the potential unpredicted
events. I never needed bear spray and hold no irrational fear of bears but
I would not avoid a simple precaution to uphold the principle that "nothing
will ever happen". People will most likely never hurt you either, unless
they're crazy. But guess what-an injured or sick bear can be crazy. (Mace
works on people too btw!)
You'll probably be fine without bear spray but please, respect the fact
that the wilderness is WILD; walking very quickly along a very narrow
stretch of it reduces your chances of encountering many dangers (which is
why ultra light is a viable strategy), but does not eliminate them. I think
if you disregard danger you run the risk of sounding like one of the
entitled crowd. (Nothing bad will ever happen to ME etc.)
Side note: I always carry an emergency blanket. I laugh at myself for it
when it's hot but am so thankful for it when I need it. It's amazing how
quickly fair weather situations can make you forget the times of need.
Sorry for the doom and gloom!
<3 Alpaca

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