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Excellent, informative post by Luce Cruz. Thank you !


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> On Feb 28, 2016, at 10:04 AM, Luce Cruz <lucecruz13 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 9:24 AM, marmot marmot <marmotwestvanc at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Non of this stuff works as well as the neurotoxins. But that's the point.
>> They are poison.
>> Marmot
> Toxicity is all about the dose. What will kill a mosquito might not even be
> detectable in a healthy human, but the difference in body mass is painfully
> obvious.
> DEET has been marketed for civilian use for decades, and is the gold
> standard for mosquito repellants based on performance worldwide. It would
> appear that the concerns over the diseases that mosquitoes can spread far
> outweigh the risks of using DEET. If that doesn't sway an opinion, than I
> just don't know what will.
> Picaridin is useful for many folks that cannot stand the feel of, or they
> have a reaction to, DEET, but may not work as well. Been available for many
> years, accepted as safe to use at this point, but known to not be as
> effective a repellent as DEET.
> Permethrin has been used in military uniforms for years as a mosquito
> repellent. While the military has performed experiments and used chemicals
> that have been shown later to be very harmful, this one seems to be a big
> hit, and spreading in use. It is also used as a treatment for mosquito
> netting, sleeping bags, tents, etc. It is also available for use on horses
> and other livestock. It has been widely accepted as safe at this point,
> except to animals that live in water and cats.
> Permethrin is particularly toxic to cats, and must be kept away from cats
> until *dry*. Properly used, it should not be a health risk to cats, but
> personally I try to reduce that risk. I don't meet any friendly cuddly cats
> on trail. If it gets into water that has fish and other living things in
> it, it could be very toxic. Excess Permethrin should be disposed of in a
> sanitary sewer, like pouring it in a toilet.
> If you have questions about toxicity, maybe talk to your MD, a biochemist,
> toxicologist, etc. Reading MSDS info can be easily misinterpreted if you
> don't know what the information is telling you.
> I really hate mosquitoes. I have no problem facilitating them meeting a
> neurotoxin I brought with me solely for that reason. I know they are
> important for many other creatures for food, but I wish they would leave me
> out of that web.
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> Luce Cruz
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