[pct-l] Mosquitos & Sawyer brand Permethrin ??? //// Re: Pct-L Digest, Vol 98, Issue 28

Luce Cruz lucecruz13 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 21:47:02 CST 2016

I can't speak to the Sawyer spray-on product. I bought Permethrin from a
local feed store, diluted it with water, and soaked my clothes in it. After
a good soaking, I wrung them out wearing almost elbow length chemical
resistant gloves, and hung them to dry.

Result: no mosquito bites anywhere near the clothing covered areas. The
exposed areas wore Picaridin repellent. This was in mid-September in an
area that didn't have terrible numbers of mosquitoes, but they were
definitely there and needed blood to make millions of little mosquito
babies. I was more than happy to make them go feed on others. I also
treated my tent and sprayed some of the solution on my sleeping bag, but
that probably didn't do a thing or was completely unnecessary.

Buying the stuff as an animal insect repellent was much cheaper than buying
Permethrin already mixed and ready-to-use as a clothing and camping gear

I was careful to make sure the liquid solution was secure while I used it
and poured the left-overs down the toilet.

I was a damned happy camper! It worked great.

Now if I can only get this mangled third arm to stop growing out of my
backside, which I am sure had nothing to do with the chemicals. Nothing at

Luce Cruz

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