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Just a quick question on this topic of "trail policing..." 

What does the AT do about it? 

As an organization, not much that I'm aware of. With many more hikers, the number of self-centered jerks is proportionally larger than on the PCT, and more concentrated (shorter trail, more trail towns to resupply). 

A recent issue of the AT magazine ("AT Journeys") highlighted the problems that hikers are creating in Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin particularly. Even a thru-runner, seeking to break the time record, blatantly violated several BSP rules for Katadhin. Apparently, it's gotten so bad that park officials are considering closing Katadhin as the northern terminus of the AT, which would be a real tragedy. 

The ATC is following many of the same strategies that the PCTA is (or maybe vice-versa) - trying to get people to spread out their start times, esp. at the southern end; increased education about LNT and town behavior, etc. 

One thing for sure - this is a problem in the greater society, not just the trails. Bad trail behavior is just reflecting what's happening in society. And I don't see it being eliminated any time soon. 


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