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Mon Jan 11 15:10:58 CST 2016

Regarding the question about rain jackets, I have to agree with "Panama."
I got a Marmot Precip rain jacket as a gift and I was unimpressed with its quality.Over several uses, it became evident that it was NOT keeping me dry at all. I finallygot so disgusted with the garment that I actually beefed it up by using a producton it that increased water resistance. Yes, I know. That also decreased its "breathability,"but it was nearly useless as it came from the store. 
Considering its cost, I was even more unimpressed once I simply switched to the goodold fashioned rain coat that cost me a whopping $20 from Walgreens. The old fashionedyellow variety that you see guys wearing who work outside like gardeners. It didn't "breathe,"but it kept me way dryer than the expensive (but nice looking) Marmot precip. I determinedI'd rather look uncool on the trail than wet. I still use that old yellow coat. The pants thatcame with it are baggy enough and cheap enough that I don't care about them at all as far as damage... they did me right.
I'm glad you posted that as I've been annoyed about that experience for several years.
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