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Thu Jan 14 14:29:53 CST 2016

It's the same for a early start at Tahoe or Hwy 80. You'll have to wait out the winter snows unless you are experienced or just want the fun of it. Who knows how much is going to fall and when it will coalesce. Doing the desert sections, I believe, will be possible in March. Except for Baden Powell and Fuller Ridge. But there are ski areas open now on the Angeles Crest that haven't been used in 5 years. Missing the crowds is great. I saw 5 -13 hikers up to KM. 2 separate couples in the Sierra and 1 hiker in Washington   That was a huge year.  25 people finished the trail in '94. You have to get creative to have a quiet trip out there,but it can be done. Best of luck   it should be great. 

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